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Knowledge Management System

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Investment - Retail

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20 August 2022


25 August 2022


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Knowledge Management System

Project Challenge

SeedCom, Vietnam's premier investment fund in Technology, Retail, and Logistics, aspires to develop a KMS system. This system will serve 10 subsidiaries across three sectors, enabling over 10,000 full-time and part-time employees to exchange operational knowledge and updates.continuously every week.

Synchronize the data with the corporation's data warehouse.

Enhance the education of company staff.

Project Challenge

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Project Results

Mobile application: allows employees to participate in lessons by interacting with flashcards, promoting employee self-learning. With 2000 employees of The Coffee House, the average is 1 hour 30 minutes/employee/week.

Learning path & report system: with advice from MIT, we build a series of learning and real-time reports for students and management levels to support continuous content updates easily for teachers.

Integrating data into the internal management system of subsidiaries; building a system of evaluation and learning rewards for employees on KMS.

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Michale Chaney

CEO & Founder

Michale Chaney

CEO & Founder

Michale Chaney

CEO & Founder

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